The Ocean Cleaner constantly seeks
to evolve and deploy natural solutions.


Natural ecosystems
are at risk

  • Coral beds
  • Marine mammals
  • Sea turtle hatchlings die, unable to reach open water
The Ocean Cleaner | Our Solution | Sargasse People Risk

People are at risk

  • Foul odor of decay repels vacationers
  • These compounds also cause respiratory problems, particularly for asthmatics
  • In concentration, hydrogen sulfide can be deadly
  • Economic impacts ensure for local populations and hotel and resort operators relying on tourism
The Ocean Cleaner | Our Solution | Sargasse Tourism

Tourism infrastructure
is at risk

  • Released sulfur compounds rust metals, damage modern conveniences and infrastructure




Our floating high-tech Sargabarrier©

  • Certified EEC and ISO
  • Stops Sargassum, plastics and detritus
  • Fine mesh poses no risk to marine life
  • Resistant because it lets waves and seawater through like a strainer
  • Extending 3.5 ft. above the ocean, debris won’t overflow
  • The strongest and most efficient barriers on the market; tensile rupture: 8 tons
  • Can be installed in any ocean, anchored on various sea beds
  • Fully adaptable for optimal positioning accounting for sea floor, currents, prevailing winds
  • Easily disassembled for maintenance and during hurricane season
  • Red and blue visibility colors, other colors are available
  • UV resistant
  • Secure markings for swimmers and small craft


Our Sargaboat™
and Sargatrailer™

  • The best adapted solution to collect algae and debris such as plastic
  • Stable, easy to maneuver dual motor catamaran type, light and durable
  • Heavy-duty conveyor with several loading speeds, robust and adjustable
  • Custom options available (loading crane, rails for trailers, etc.)
  • Sargaboat™ can harvest more than 500 MT in an 8-hour workday
  • Autonomous trailers equipped with an engine
  • Trailers can be switched in minutes, easy to use

The Sargaboat™ works with our Sargabarrier™ to collect algae



Depending on your location and opportunities based on local needs, our experts are in constant contact with researchers to determine the best derivatives. We work to find solutions for Sargassum transformation adapted to the needs and opportunities present in the countries where we operate. We specialize in drying, processing and marketing algae and transforming to reuse.

Recycled Products

  • Very rich compost
  • Fertilizer
  • Bio plastics
  • Biogas
  • Cosmetics
  • Food additives
  • Biostimulant products

Natural problem
requires natural solution

The Ocean Cleaner | Our Solution | Sargasse 2

Addressing a “natural” phenomenon means understanding its origins and developing a solution that joins with the natural rhythm of the ecosystems at play. Arguably, the recent proliferation blooms of Sargassum are not wholly a natural problem. Change has been fast and dramatic for local populations and resort and hotel operators relying on tourists across the Caribbean region. With large Sargassum outbreaks that started in 2011 and saw profusions in 2015 and 2018, gulf Sargassum weed, as it is also known, has become a recurrent problem.

Not to be confused with the Sargasso Sea, a natural phenomenon of Sargassum rafts in the Atlantic Ocean formed in the gyre created by four currents between the Azores and the Eastern United States and host to marine life and eels far from land, the recent Sargassum influx imperiling fragile ecosystems and livelihoods across the entire Caribbean region owes its vigor to climactic influences from various sources, many of which are man-made, such as nutrients from agricultural fertilizers and wastewater from cities that finds its way into the sea. Intensive human activity is in large part to blame.

However, reversing such processes takes concerted action that can be difficult to implement and requires concerted political will.

We offer tailor-made services to determine the best solutions according to the estimated algae quantities, the currents, the type of seabed, the immediate environment, the coral reefs, the laws and permits in force in each of the country. We regularly collaborate with the Mexican Navy and Mexican government authorities to develop effective solutions for Mexico.



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Our The Ocean Cleaner boats are in operation across the Caribbean Sea: Our system can harvest more than 550 tons of Sargassum weeds per 8-hour day, preventing harmful emissions of hydrogen sulfide that would have been released into the atmosphere.