Protect yours with The Ocean Cleaner.

At The Ocean Cleaner we take pride in our innovation, in our ability to adapt and resolve problems for our installed customer base, and our willingness to help provide a welcoming environment for guests and visitors.

Formed by a dedicated team based in Laval, Québec, The Ocean Cleaner Inc. is a start-up created to respond to a recognized problem crying out for a solution – we believe in keeping beaches and oceans free of pollution. We back our convictions with our expertise.

Hotels and resorts were the first to recognize the problem as they saw their tourist destinations taking the hit from a 32% reduction in occupancy and loss of reputation. Officials have tried to respond to the massive influxes of Sargassum washing up on shores across the Caribbean with various measures, using rakes and manpower with backhoes to remove or plow under the rotting detritus. While these efforts are laudable, they are only a stopgap and prove expensive to maintain. Others tried deploying booms meant for oil recovery, which were not designed to handle gulf Sargassum weed proliferation and prove ineffective.

in action to solve Sargassum overload.


Our team at The Ocean Cleaner came up with a better solution, stopping the problem before it lands on the beach and becomes worse.

We determined Sargassum weeds and detritus could be stopped by a customized floating barrier offshore, then collected by specialized boats and repurposed or recycled in an eco-friendly manner. With the fine mesh in our barrier design marine life is not adversely affected, and in the case of sea turtles, among others, Sargassum control efforts prove advantageous.

From concept through to design – and implementation – our enthusiastic team of environmentally conscious thinkers and doers has expanded into a growing concern, working out of our headquarters in Laval, Québec

This resulted in the deployment of our system in Mexico, where it quickly proved its viability and reliability to resolve a problem that won’t simply wash away. Definite measures are required to address Sargassum. The Ocean Cleaner offers a turnkey, eco-friendly solution for hotels, resorts and local governments.

The Sargabarrier™ has now been successfully deployed in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic, among others. We serve customers across the Caribbean, Mexico.